"The story of a marriage, loss, and remembrance with tales of growing up in central Massachusetts in the 1970s and 1980s. Told with deep emotion and a splash of bourbon."

-Robin Shtulman

Close Enough to Perfect

a true story of love, grief, resilience & spirit

About the Author

Christine Noyes

Photo by Paula Francis

You can’t always plan where life will take you.


That certainly proved true for Christine Noyes. Growing up a tomboy in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts,

she spent her youth building forts, playing sports and enjoying the perceived innocence of the 1960’s.

Without a clear vision of what her life should be, she went where she felt most comfortable: to the kitchen. At the age of eleven, she began her work life as a dishwasher in her grandfather's restaurant. She spent the next several decades reinventing herself, becoming an accomplished chef and then a sales representative, an entrepreneur, and eventually a writer and illustrator.

Chris never chose her professions. They chose her.

Few people say that going bowling changed their lives, but it did exactly that for Chris. She met the one person she never expected to meet, the man she calls her husband and soulmate, Al.

They moved to Orange, Massachusetts after marrying in 1989 where, after Al’s passing, Chris remains today with thirty years of wonderful memories to keep her company.

When not at her keyboard, she can be found in her kitchen: back to her roots and love of cooking.


It was two in the morning on Saturday as Al and I gathered the final few bathroom items to cram into our oversized, airline-approved carry-on bags. One cup of coffee would have to suffice, as we had a ninety-minute drive to the airport and, at our age, bathroom stops became more pressing and plentiful on their own, so additional stimulant could prove problematic.

Huh! The things we worry about when we don’t know that our lives will soon change forever.

Close Enough to Perfect is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Chris and Al Noyes, married for twenty-eight years until tragedy hit on a commercial airline flight. The story speaks of soulmates, happy places, mental illness, adventure, and sorrow. A true story of love, grief, resilience, and spirit told with brutal honesty and emotion.


Engaging and lively, Close Enough to Perfect takes the reader on a raucous and rollicking journey that juxtaposes unabashed fun with loss. Christine Noyes artfully interweaves zany life happenings with her own true, though nearly unbelievable, love story. A stunning story!


director, expressive therapy programs at New England cancer centers

retired teacher and dean of students



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