It was two in the morning on Saturday as Al and I gathered the final few bathroom items to cram into our oversized, airline-approved carry-on bags. One cup of coffee would have to suffice, as we had a ninety-minute drive to the airport and, at our age, bathroom stops became more pressing and plentiful on their own, so additional stimulant could prove problematic.


Huh! The things we worry about when we don’t know that our lives will soon change forever.                 




Close Enough to Perfect is the heartwarming and heartbreaking story of Chris and Al Noyes, married for twenty-eight years until tragedy hit on a commercial airline flight. The story speaks of soulmates, happy places, mental illness, adventure, and sorrow. A true story of love, grief, resilience, and spirit told with brutal honesty and emotion.

Close Enough to Perfect - Paperback

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